Video: Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s square off in fingerprint scanner battle

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The soon-to-be-available Galaxy S5 comes with fingerprint sensor embedded in the home button, which will help users unlock the device but also perform other actions including securing PayPal transactions. Of course, the phone’s new feature will be extensively compared to its arch nemesis’ Touch ID functionality soon. But a first video that highlights Samsung’s and Apple’s way of implementing fingerprint-based security features for the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s, respectively, is already available on YouTube.

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Google Chromecast Sales Reportedly To Be In The “Millions”

Ever since Google announced the $35 Chromecast media streaming dongle, the company has enjoyed great success. According to Android and Chrome boss Sundar Pichai, Chromecast sales have crept into the “millions” range, though he wasn’t interested in giving us any exact figures. Either way, hitting over a million units is significant, and Google won’t want to slow down at this point.

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The Apple Store Return Policy For iPhone Drops To 14 Days

The return policy for the iPhone just became a little less lenient as Apple has officially dropped the grace period from 30 days to 14 days. 9to5Mac came across the change on Apple’s website on Wednesday after retail sources confirmed that a new policy would be implemented on March 13th. The iPhone was the only device for sale at the Apple Store that offered 30 days for returns, both online and at retail locations, whereas every other product was subject to a 14 day return policy. This change will bring the iPhone in line with the rest of the merchandise. It’s worth noting that even with 30 days to return an iPhone, consumers were still liable for early termination fees and other penalties from their carriers after just 14 days. The new policy should eliminate the confusion altogether.

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Verizon Wireless Not Concerned With Competitor Antics

T-Mobile antics are a two-way street. They have come out and said that their plans will either bring them lots of customers or force the industry to change. Well the only ones that have really changed are AT&T. Sure Verizon and Sprint did their “early upgrade” programs, but AT&T is the one that is steadily changing their plans to make them cheaper. In fact, this past weekend they announced that you can bring your own device to AT&T and pay $65/month for unlimited talk and text with 2GB of data. That’s a pretty good deal actually.

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AT&T reduces 2GB Mobile Share Value Plans

Following up on the news that its UnCarrier rival will soon raise the cost of its unlimited data plan, AT&T is making some pricing changes of its own — in the completely opposite direction. The base rate for the company’s 2GB Mobile Share Value plan is currently $55 (that’s the base price, excluding per-smartphone costs), but it just announced that beginning tomorrow customers will be able to grab the same plan for $40 per month instead.

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Xbox One Software Update Rolling Out Now

Microsoft says that its next Xbox One update has started rolling out yesterday, less than a week before the launch of Titanfall. The update, detailed in February, will fix problems with joining and chatting with parties of your friends, prepare the console for the release of the Xbox One stereo headset and media remote, and add support for Twitch live streaming ahead of the service’s launch on the console.

The update retools the console’s UI, moving the user’s friends list to the front and center of the Xbox One’s friends homepage, and adds a list of recent players so users can send friend requests to amiable teammates. Players who set up parties with those friends will now have chat audio turned on by default, and will now be able to chat with people in the same party even when members of the group are playing different games. The update also introduces an “invite friends to game” option that will allow a user to join their friend’s multiplayer game with less hassle.

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PlayStation Jack Tretton Parts Ways With Sony

Sony just announced that the long time Sony executive will be making way for his replacement Shawn Layden, current EVP and COO of Sony Network Entertainment International. According to the company, Tretton’s parting is the result of a “mutual agreement,” but naturally, neither side’s saying how that agreement was reached. The move certainly comes as a surprise, as Tretton had been with Sony for almost 20 years, and was a part of the PlayStation team from the very beginning — most recently overseeing the successful launch of Sony’s newest console, the PS4.

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Call OF Duty: Ghosts Next DLC Pack Called ‘Devastation’ On April 3

Call of Duty: Ghosts is expanding once again with the release of the “Devastation” DLC pack on April 3.

Devastation marks the second of four major DLC releases for Call of Duty: Ghosts and brings with it four new multiplayer maps, alongside the second chapter of the alien-infested narrative attached to the Extinction gametype. The highlight of these new maps is a modern reimagining of “Dome,” a fan-favorite multiplayer arena first introduced in 2011′s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Other maps include a wrecked shipping vessel pinned against an equally wrecked New York City bridge, a massive South American excavation platform and a Mayan temple inexplicably located at the top of a mountain.

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