Apple iPhone Updated to iOS 7.0.5

Apple released the iOS 7.0.5 update on earlier today, a very minor update for iOS 7 that should fix network issues for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in China.

Apple’s update is about 30MB in size, meaning, those with compatible iPhones should be able to download and install the update in no time at all. Once installed, the update should tackle some of the cellular issues that users have apparently been encountering in Apple’s previous versions of iOS 7.

iOS 7.0.5 replaces iOS 7.0.4 as the latest iOS 7 and is about 30MB in size, though not for everyone. Users in the United States and elsewhere struggling with issues will likely need to wait for the release of another iOS 7 update.

That update is almost certainly going to be iOS 7.1, an update that is currently in the beta process, and an update that should not only bring bug fixes to the iPhone and iPad but new features as well.

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