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Video: Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s square off in fingerprint scanner battle

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The soon-to-be-available Galaxy S5 comes with fingerprint sensor embedded in the home button, which will help users unlock the device but also perform other actions including securing PayPal transactions. Of course, the phone’s new feature will be extensively compared to its arch nemesis’ Touch ID functionality soon. But a first video that highlights Samsung’s and Apple’s way of implementing fingerprint-based security features for the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s, respectively, is already available on YouTube.

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Amazon Introduces Kindle Fire TV With Gary Busey Commercial (video)

Amazon announced it was entering our living rooms in a big way with the Fire TV gaming console hybrid. Amazon released a commercial for the Amazon TV starring Busey, which was strange to say the very least.

The new streaming media player uses voice search, and the ad points out that Busey loves talking to things — but he gets rather frustrated when they don’t listen. The ad also pokes fun at Roku’s lack of voice control, with Busey yelling, “Find Garey Busey!” repeatedly at the device.

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Developing: NASA Suspending Contact With Russia Over Ukraine

Citing Russia’s ongoing violations of Ukraine’s sovereign and territorial integrity, NASA announced today that it is suspending all contact with Russian government representatives. In an internal NASA memorandum obtained by The Verge, NASA said that the suspension includes travel to Russia, teleconferences, and visits by Russian government officials to NASA facilities. NASA is even suspending the exchange of emails with Russian officials.

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T-Mobile Backtracks On Plan To Remove Employee Discounts

After receiving some backlash earlier this week when it announced that it was ending its corporate discount program, T-Mobile has backtracked somewhat and decided to grandfather in everyone who currently participates, allowing them to keep their discounts as long as they remain with a participating employer and stay on a qualifying plan — its primary Simple Choice plans included.

T-Mobile previously said that later this month it would be phasing out the discounts that it gives to employees of various companies in favor of $25 credits toward new phones — a significantly worse value than having a percentage taken off of their phone bills every month. Regular corporate discounts are still being phased out in favor of the device credits for new customers, but there won’t be a change for anyone who’s already signed up.

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GameStop Ready To Expand Beyond Games

GameStop might generate the vast majority of its revenue from gaming, but the company is looking to expand rapidly in tech.

Speaking during a conference call after releasing fourth-quarter earnings last Thursday, GameStop said that its Technology Brands division — which includes all of the company’s Simply Mac, Spring Mobile, and Aio Wireless stores — will expand by 300 to 400 stores in the next 12 months. Some of the stores will be new premises opened as part of the company’s growth strategy, while others will join GameStop’s Technology Brands through acquisitions.

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Google Chromecast Sales Reportedly To Be In The “Millions”

Ever since Google announced the $35 Chromecast media streaming dongle, the company has enjoyed great success. According to Android and Chrome boss Sundar Pichai, Chromecast sales have crept into the “millions” range, though he wasn’t interested in giving us any exact figures. Either way, hitting over a million units is significant, and Google won’t want to slow down at this point.

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