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Microsoft Considering A Free Version Of Windows 8.1

Microsoft is reportedly building a variation of Windows dubbed “Windows 8.1 with Bing.” It’s apparently part of an experiment to offer the operating system with tighter integration to featured Microsoft apps and services—primarily, at least at first, Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

Windows Bing may also be part of a plan to boost adoption by giving away the OS for free or at a reduced cost to both individual users interested in upgrading their Windows 7 machines and PC makers. The Verge reported Friday that Microsoft might give away a consumer version of Windows Bing for free.

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Microsoft Is Reducing Windows Licensing Fees By 70 Percent

Microsoft is reportedly cutting Windows 8.1 license costs by 70 percent for PC makers. Bloomberg News reports that the cuts are targeted at devices that retail for less than $250, in a move designed to combat rival low-cost tablets and Chromebooks. PC makers are usually charged $50 for a license of Windows 8.1, but Bloomberg News reports that manufacturers will be offered a license for just $15 on their low-cost devices.

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Ireland Signed A Deal With Microsoft For XP Support

Windows XP will be retired on April 8, 2014 so companies and authorities across the world are struggling to complete their transition to a newer platform until end of support arrives.
The Irish government won’t have enough time to move to modern Windows, so the authorities have signed a deal worth $4.5 million with Microsoft for extended Windows XP support.

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Xbox One Spring Software Update Is Live

Microsoft’s spring update for the Xbox One is now live. The first update for the console packs a host of improvements, including better Kinect voice recognition, improved all-round stability, and some key fixes to the dashboard — such as onscreen meters for the controller’s battery and free HDD space . You’ll also be able to plug a USB keyboard in, which should make web browsing and searching a whole lot less painful.

The update is rolling out to customers during “off-peak” hours in their local time zones. If you’re taking advantage of Xbox’s Instant On feature, the console will check for an update next time you turn it off.

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Rumor: Microsoft Working On A Xbox Reading Unit

Microsoft has already sunk $600 million into Nook Media, the ebook division spun off from Barnes & Noble in 2012, but I guess that’s not enough for the Redmond tech giant: news broke today that they have a third ebook effort in the works.

A new job listing discovered by the Chinese tech blog LiveSino has revealed that Microsoft is hiring an ebook developer to work on ‘a groundbreaking interactive reading app on Windows, which incorporates books, magazines, and comics.’ The position was posted by the Xbox Music, Video, and Reading unit, which had already released two apps for Windows 8 (video, music) and is clearly going for a trifecta. Continue reading


Satya Nadella Is Microsoft’s New CEO

Microsoft has named its third CEO in the company’s 38-year history. Satya Nadella succeeds Steve Ballmer and takes over the top job at Microsoft immediately. With former CEO Bill Gates by his side as a technology advisor, Nadella is focusing on mobile and cloud as he prepares to take Microsoft beyond its PC roots. As a 22-year veteran server and enterprise guy, Nadella is well positioned to understand Microsoft’s challenges and opportunities ahead.

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Bill Gates Could Still Have A Future Role At Microsoft

Microsoft is expected to name Satya Nadella as its new CEO in the coming days, but attention is shifting towards Bill Gates’ role at the software company. Bloomberg News reported on Friday that the Microsoft board is considering replacing founder Bill Gates as the company’s chairman. Gates took a less active role at Microsoft in 2008, eight years after Steve Ballmer succeeded him as CEO. While board member John Thompson is rumored as a possible chairman replacement, two new reports suggest Gates may be weighing up a more active role at Microsoft.

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Windows 8.1 Update 1 Start Screen

Windows 8 is an OS struggling to capture the imagination of the masses, and now rumors suggest that Microsoft may alter the way its Start Screen works in Windows 8.1 Update 1.

The first thing you’ll notice is the two new buttons next to the user name and icon in the top right. Microsoft has added buttons for search and power. A common complaint about Windows 8 is how difficult it can be to shut down the PC with the hidden options. In Windows 8.1 they made it possible to see the shut down menu by right clicking on the new Start button. In Update 1 they are making it even easier again by putting it right on the Start Screen. The search button will also make it easier for people who don’t use the charms bar.

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