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Yahoo Acquires The Android App ‘Aviate’ (video)

Yahoo announced yesterday at the company’s CES press conference that it has acquired Aviate, the contextually-aware launcher replacement for Android devices.

Aviate, which raised a $1.8 million round of funding last year from venture capital firms, has generated a lot of buzz for evoking Google Now in the way it adjusts home screens depending on location and time of day. While at a workplace, for example,

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Leaked: T-Mobile CES Press Conference Details

T-Mobile’s big press conference isn’t until 3:30 p.m. EST, 12:30 p.m. PST on Wednesday, but it looks like the cat is already out of the bag: Uncarrier 4.0 will be yet another big push to get subscribers to make the switch from rival carriers. But this time, T-Mobile wants people to make the switch right now. AT&T’s preemptive strike — offering customers up to $450 per line to switch from T-Mobile — was right on the money; with its latest move, T-Mobile will pay a family’s early termination fees when they break another carrier’s contract, switch to T-Mobile and trade in their current devices.

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Vizio Announces A Consumer 4K HDTV At $999

The Verge broke some news tonight at CES that Vizio is ready to play in the 4K HDTV world and at a starting price of $999.

Vizio’s first consumer-grade 4K television. Set to be in available in sizes ranging between 50 and 70 inches, the P Series, in Vizio’s own words, “is the culmination of advanced picture quality, powerful performance and a beautifully simple Ultra HD experience.” cost?

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Mophie Introduces The ‘Space Pack’ For iPhone

Mophie’s line of Juice Packs and Powerstations has proven invaluable to anyone who needs their devices to keep a charge a full work day, especially at a show like CES. Now the company behind those popular external batteries has introduced the Space Pack, a battery case for the iPhone that also incorporates built-in storage.

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LG Introduces the Lifeband Touch Fitness Tracker

Wearable computing devices can be found at every turn in Las Vegas at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show as technology companies look to attack what industry watchers expect to be the next big thing in consumer tech.

LG has introduced the Lifeband Touch, LG’s new fitness tracking band takes aim at the likes of Nike’s Fuelband, Fitbit’s tracking band and the Jawbone Up series, but adds an OLED touchscreen display into the mix. Beyond typical fitness tracking features like a step counter, calorie counter and workout monitor, the device also includes standard smartwatch features such as event notifications for a connected smartphone and, of course, the ability to tell time.

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Netflix To Demonstrate 4K Streaming At CES 2014

Netflix has been talking up its ability to stream Ultra HD resolution video. Specifically the video streamer has deals to offer 4K video via embedded players on UHD TVs from several manufacturers that will be announcing them at CES.

What you won’t hear anytime soon about any 4K support from set-top boxes, including the two next-generation consoles, as Netflix is smartly waiting for standards to mature first. Content-wise, early adopters can expect House of Cards season two and… probably not a lot else, but that should keep everyone busy for one Kevin Spacey-filled week or so.

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LG Introducing A 105-Inch Curved LCD HDTV At CES 2014

LG has just announced that it will be unveiling a 105-inch curved Ultra HD LCD TV at CES next month. This curved TV has improved TFT technology for an even backlighting across the curved surface.

Furthermore, this 105UB9 model has a wider-than-usual 21:9” CinemaScope” aspect ratio, thus providing a 5,120 x 2,160 UHD resolution.

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