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Apple Quietly Pushes Out Update iOS 7.0.6 For iPhone Users

Users of iOS devices will find themselves with a new software update to install, thanks to a certificate validation flaw in the mobile popular OS. While Apple provides very little information when disclosing security issues, the company said that an attacker with a ‘privileged network position could capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS.

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Apple iPhone iOS 7.1 Delayed Until March

Although Apple is very close to being done with iOS 7.1, iPhone users may have to wait a little longer to finally get their hands on an update. One of 9to5Mac’s sources says that the final version of iOS 7.1 won’t be available until March and that it won’t include any secret surprises that we weren’t expecting. Instead it will include “some user-interface tweaks in the Phone app, an improved Calendar app, speed improvements, and numerous bug-fixes,” 9to5Mac writes.

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NFL Now Mobile App Avaible Next Season

The National Football League announced this morning the NFL Now application for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. The app will bring football fans closer to the gridiron action, thanks to dynamically personalized information on your favorite team, customizable news feeds, and highlights from across the league. Think of it like the NFL Mobile app on steroids. Fans will also have access to the “deepest vault of on-demand video content” that’s ever been offered by the NFL.

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SoundHound App Wants To Be Your Companion During The Grammys Tonight

Awards nights tend to give rise to slews of app tie-ins, and for this year’s Grammys, SoundHound’s tossing its hat in the ring. In addition to being able to recognize songs by “listening” to them, the refreshed app comes with a dedicated page for the event that currently lists performers and nominees.Anyone who clicks SoundHound’s orange button during the live broadcast on Sunday night, though, will see real-time info, the list of winners and relevant Twitter posts instead.

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Android SwiftKey Keyboard App Could Be Coming To iPhone

Typing on an iPhone could get faster soon, but with a few caveats. The @evleaks Twitter account has released an image of something called SwiftKey Note, an apparent note-taking app for iOS that integrates SwiftKey’s popular phrase-prediction keyboard.

This is the first hint that SwiftKey’s replacement keyboard could be coming to iOS. It’s been popular on Android for its prediction and improved correction features, and even more popular since it released SwiftKey Flow, which lets you input words by sliding your finger across the keyboard.

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Google Play Movies & TV Shows Arrive On iOS

Google just released an iOS version of its Google Play Movies & TV app. You can use it to stream your existing content, but you won’t be able to make purchases.

The app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. Streaming video only works on WiFi at the moment. Chromecast owners on iOS can celebrate yet another option for streaming video to their HDMI dongle.

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Update: Chrome For Android and iOS Receive Data Compression

Earlier today, Google updated Chrome for Android and iOS and brought new features to each, including the big one for both platforms: data compression. Additionally, Android received new webapp shortcuts and iOS now has access to Google Translate on web pages.

The data compression works the same way that other mobile browsers like Opera have been doing for a while. Google will compress web sites before sending them along to your phone in order to reduce data consumption. The Google Translate option for iOS will translate web pages in the same way the Android version has been since July.

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Update: Pandora Now Recommends New Stations For Listeners

Pandora has always tried to introduce its listeners to new music, and today it’s launching yet another way of doing that. On both its iOS and Android apps, Pandora will now recommend new stations for listeners based on artists it thinks they might like. As with individual stations, Pandora says its choices will get better over time as it learns more and more about whoever’s listening. Up to six recommendations will appear at a time, and Pandora says they’ll be based on each listener’s current interests.

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Razer Introduces The ‘Nabu’ Body-tracking Wristband

Razer has released its own body-tracking wristband called the Nabu.  It’s odd to see a wearable lifestyle product emerge from a company best known for fancy gaming accessories and pricey gaming laptops. The Nabu is actually a product that should make other wearable-makers pay attention. For one, though it does track your steps and sleep, it’s more than just a body monitor. It also functions like a smartwatch by pairing to your phone and serving you notifications from connected web services.

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