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The Apple Store Return Policy For iPhone Drops To 14 Days

The return policy for the iPhone just became a little less lenient as Apple has officially dropped the grace period from 30 days to 14 days. 9to5Mac came across the change on Apple’s website on Wednesday after retail sources confirmed that a new policy would be implemented on March 13th. The iPhone was the only device for sale at the Apple Store that offered 30 days for returns, both online and at retail locations, whereas every other product was subject to a 14 day return policy. This change will bring the iPhone in line with the rest of the merchandise. It’s worth noting that even with 30 days to return an iPhone, consumers were still liable for early termination fees and other penalties from their carriers after just 14 days. The new policy should eliminate the confusion altogether.

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Apple Quietly Pushes Out Update iOS 7.0.6 For iPhone Users

Users of iOS devices will find themselves with a new software update to install, thanks to a certificate validation flaw in the mobile popular OS. While Apple provides very little information when disclosing security issues, the company said that an attacker with a ‘privileged network position could capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS.

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Apple iPhone iOS 7.1 Delayed Until March

Although Apple is very close to being done with iOS 7.1, iPhone users may have to wait a little longer to finally get their hands on an update. One of 9to5Mac’s sources says that the final version of iOS 7.1 won’t be available until March and that it won’t include any secret surprises that we weren’t expecting. Instead it will include “some user-interface tweaks in the Phone app, an improved Calendar app, speed improvements, and numerous bug-fixes,” 9to5Mac writes.

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Apple iPhone Updated to iOS 7.0.5

Apple released the iOS 7.0.5 update on earlier today, a very minor update for iOS 7 that should fix network issues for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in China.

Apple’s update is about 30MB in size, meaning, those with compatible iPhones should be able to download and install the update in no time at all. Once installed, the update should tackle some of the cellular issues that users have apparently been encountering in Apple’s previous versions of iOS 7.

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Rumor: The Next iPhone May Have A Sapphire Display

Foxconn has apparently started producing iPhones with sapphire displays, Taiwanese publication Apple Daily has learned, with the Chinese manufacturer expected to make 100 iPhone units with such display cover glass.

This isn’t the first time Apple is associated with sapphire usage in mobile devices. The current iPhones have cameras with sapphire protection, and the iPhone 5s’ fingerprint scanner is also guarded by sapphire glass. Furthermore, Apple already has at least one patent on sapphire glass use in smartphones, and has confirmed during an interview last week that its Arizona plant will produce sapphire glass, without revealing what devices will use it in the future.

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Android SwiftKey Keyboard App Could Be Coming To iPhone

Typing on an iPhone could get faster soon, but with a few caveats. The @evleaks Twitter account has released an image of something called SwiftKey Note, an apparent note-taking app for iOS that integrates SwiftKey’s popular phrase-prediction keyboard.

This is the first hint that SwiftKey’s replacement keyboard could be coming to iOS. It’s been popular on Android for its prediction and improved correction features, and even more popular since it released SwiftKey Flow, which lets you input words by sliding your finger across the keyboard.

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Apple Will Begin Repairing iPhone Screens In Stores

Apple Stores will begin offering iPhone 5c screen repairs next Monday, January 20th. The screen repair will reportedly cost $150 and could be completed within an hour.

Previously, Apple’s method for dealing with cracked screens was to replace the phone entirely, which could be extraordinarily expensive without a warranty, and would also take a fair amount of time.

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Xbox Music for iOS Updated

Microsoft’s Xbox Music app for iOS debuted back in September, but it never included offline playback. Microsoft today announced a simple update that brings offline playback for playlists. There don’t appear to be any other changes to the app, with the same UI and features as the original version. While Microsoft also offers a similar Android Xbox Music app, that particular verson has not yet received an update for offline playback.

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