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LG’s Future Phones Will Have ‘Knock’ Power Feature

When LG introduced its LG G2 smartphone with buttons on the back, it also rolled out a nifty feature known as Knock, which lets you simply tap twice on the screen to switch your display on and off, instead of having to press a button.

The company announced today that the Knock feature will be made a standard in all its future key mobile devices, while its L Series smartphones will get the feature via a global upgrade starting in January.

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Twitter Promoted Ads In Your Timeline

If you’re a regular Twitter user, by now you’re probably used to seeing “promoted tweets”—paid tweets from accounts you don’t follow—pop up in your timeline. Today, Twitter announced that you’ll start seeing “promoted accounts” start showing up there, too.

Promoted accounts are basically ads that prompt users to follow accounts for businesses or brands, and that make it easy by including a “follow” button directly in the post. Until today, Twitter only displayed promoted-account ads in the left-hand column of the Twitter website and in the “Discover” tab on mobile. Twitter’s latest update will put the promoted accounts directly in the main timeline on your mobile device.

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Official YouTube App Comes To The Roku 3

The Roku 3 now has the YouTube video as a brand-new channel. In addition to streaming standalone vids and subscriptions, users also get the decidedly Chromecast ability to fling YouTube videos to their TVs from their mobile devices.

Tthe lack of an official YouTube channel had always been a sticking point for the Roku—particularly when Google’s Chromecast  offered it at launch.

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Sony Giving Up Plan To Sell Battery Unit

For the past two years Sony had been planning to offload its lithium-ion battery unit, which was a pioneer in making lithium-ion batteries for computers and mobile devices but has struggled recently against cheaper South Korean rivals.

(Reuters) – Japan’s Sony Corp has decided not to sell its lithium-ion battery unit, media reported on Sunday, in a gamble that it can turn the business around with a weak yen and growing demand for smart phone batteries.

New Samsung Smart TV SDK 5.0 Arrives With Amazing New Features

Ever wish you could turn on the air conditioning without leaving the couch? Samsung’s new Smart TV SDK 5.0 will give you the luxury of being that lazy. The programming kit gives the TV control over home appliances, including network-savvy lighting and refrigerators. Developers should also have an easier time building apps thanks to a new web framework that both supports HTML5 and uses Native Client to run software across a wide range of TVs. Apps can run on mobile devices, too. Samsung has already posted a beta SDK, but aspiring big-screen app builders will have to wait until January 6th to get the finished tool.

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Spotify reportedly planning free, ad-supported mobile streaming

If you can’t bring yourself to shell out $10 a month for the privilege of enjoying your Spotify playlist on the go, we have good news for you: the company is apparently developing a free version of its streaming service for mobile devices. This report comes from the Wall Street Journal, which cites “people familiar with the matter.” The publication also shares that three major music companies have signed licensing deals for the new service. Further details, of course, are scant, but the free mobile streaming will almost certainly be ad-supported, echoing the format of Spotify’s unpaid desktop version. We’ll likely know more soon, as an event is scheduled for next week in New York.

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