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AT&T reduces 2GB Mobile Share Value Plans

Following up on the news that its UnCarrier rival will soon raise the cost of its unlimited data plan, AT&T is making some pricing changes of its own — in the completely opposite direction. The base rate for the company’s 2GB Mobile Share Value plan is currently $55 (that’s the base price, excluding per-smartphone costs), but it just announced that beginning tomorrow customers will be able to grab the same plan for $40 per month instead.

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Pintrest Redesigns Its Mobile Website

Pinterest has redesigned its mobile website with a layout similar to the one found on the iOS and Android applications. The redesign now brings the site on par with its native app and desktop counterparts. The revamp involved a migration of the site to the latest web frameworks, for a “cleaner, more modular code” that’s easier to develop on.

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NFL Now Mobile App Avaible Next Season

The National Football League announced this morning the NFL Now application for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. The app will bring football fans closer to the gridiron action, thanks to dynamically personalized information on your favorite team, customizable news feeds, and highlights from across the league. Think of it like the NFL Mobile app on steroids. Fans will also have access to the “deepest vault of on-demand video content” that’s ever been offered by the NFL.

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Facebook Releases Impressive Financial Results Earlier Today

Facebook has released its results for the fourth quarter of 2013 and the numbers are strong. It posted $2.59 billion in revenue and earnings of 31 cents a share. Analysts were looking for Facebook to pull in $2.33 billion in revenue with earnings of 27 cents a share. That compares to $1.59 billion and 17 cents a share for the same period last year. It’s also a touch above the $2.02 billion and 25 cents a share Facebook notched last quarter.

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T-Mobile Purchases New Spectrum From Verizon

If you’re a T-Mobile customer, 2014 could be a great year for you.

The nation’s fourth-largest wireless carrier just sealed a deal with Verizon to acquire billions of dollars’ worth of invisible real estate. The airwaves T-Mobile just snapped up puts the company in a much stronger position to upgrade its network and data services. Who’s going to be affected? The map below makes it clear: Continue reading


AT&T Wireless Launching A Sponsored Data Program

AT&T is launching a sponsored data program, allowing app developers and content makers to cover the costs of their services.
Data is the lifeline of the mobile world, allowing users to stream video and music, shop, and socialize on their devices. But it’s expensive. Instead of consumers carrying all the data burdens, the companies could deliver their services without eating into monthly limits on consumption.

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LG’s Future Phones Will Have ‘Knock’ Power Feature

When LG introduced its LG G2 smartphone with buttons on the back, it also rolled out a nifty feature known as Knock, which lets you simply tap twice on the screen to switch your display on and off, instead of having to press a button.

The company announced today that the Knock feature will be made a standard in all its future key mobile devices, while its L Series smartphones will get the feature via a global upgrade starting in January.

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