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NBC News Falsely Reports Smartphones Being Hacked at Olympics (video)

NBC News is reporting as soon as you connect to the internet while at the Winter Olympics you will get hacked. Well, maybe not. There’s been a bit of blowback from the report, even from the expert that NBC turned to during its report on online security in Sochi, Russia.

The story was fraudulent. It was about going to the Olympics in cyberspace (visiting websites), not going to their in person and using their local WiFi. — Errata Security

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LG Introduces the Lifeband Touch Fitness Tracker

Wearable computing devices can be found at every turn in Las Vegas at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show as technology companies look to attack what industry watchers expect to be the next big thing in consumer tech.

LG has introduced the Lifeband Touch, LG’s new fitness tracking band takes aim at the likes of Nike’s Fuelband, Fitbit’s tracking band and the Jawbone Up series, but adds an OLED touchscreen display into the mix. Beyond typical fitness tracking features like a step counter, calorie counter and workout monitor, the device also includes standard smartwatch features such as event notifications for a connected smartphone and, of course, the ability to tell time.

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The Moto X Finds $399 New Off-Contract Price Point

Motorola is starting 2014 the near year right by dropping the retail price of its flagship Moto X Android smartphone to $399.  The Moto X is the new Motorola’s flagship device for mid-2013. It’s an 4.7-inch handset with a curved back,  powered by Motorola’s unique “X8″ processors, with a 720p RGB AMOLED display and a 10-megapixel “ClearPixel” camera.

Moto X brings new always-on voice features to the table, allowing you to initiate calls, check Google Now and perform other tasks with out powering on the screen. In addition, a new notification system allows the phone to pulse icons on the screen, showing you exactly what’s waiting for you.

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LG’s Future Phones Will Have ‘Knock’ Power Feature

When LG introduced its LG G2 smartphone with buttons on the back, it also rolled out a nifty feature known as Knock, which lets you simply tap twice on the screen to switch your display on and off, instead of having to press a button.

The company announced today that the Knock feature will be made a standard in all its future key mobile devices, while its L Series smartphones will get the feature via a global upgrade starting in January.

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Sony Giving Up Plan To Sell Battery Unit

For the past two years Sony had been planning to offload its lithium-ion battery unit, which was a pioneer in making lithium-ion batteries for computers and mobile devices but has struggled recently against cheaper South Korean rivals.

(Reuters) – Japan’s Sony Corp has decided not to sell its lithium-ion battery unit, media reported on Sunday, in a gamble that it can turn the business around with a weak yen and growing demand for smart phone batteries.

BlackBerry Cancels Annual Conference

BlackBerry isn’t hosting its annual conference this year, the company announced Friday (via MobileSyrup). The event has been called various things, including BlackBerry World, and BlackBerry Live once the World name became what BlackBerry called its mobile app store and things got confusing. This is the first year since 2002 that BlackBerry hasn’t held one of these big events, and it’s a sign of the change taking place at the company under new CEO John Chen.

The company said this move will allow it to focus on running a number of smaller, more targeted events throughout the year, aimed at specific audiences. 

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BlackBerry Announced A $4.4 Billion Loss

This past week,  BlackBerry announced a $4.4 billion loss, and a deal with Foxconn to outsource hardware manufacturing. One interesting stat is that 75% of sales were actually older BB7 devices.

That said, CEO John Chen says, ‘We are very much alive, thank you.’ He adds, ‘Our “for sale” sign has been taken down and we are here to stay.

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Verizon Announces KitKat For Droid Family Phones

Verizon has taken to Twitter to announce that the Droid Ultra, Droid MAXX and Droid Mini will start receiving their over-the-air updates to Android 4.4 KitKat from today. The update is rolling out “in phases” according to the Verizon.

In addition to the new Android OS features, today’s Droid update includes a new version of the Droid Zap sharing utility with a revamped interface.

Source: @VZWNews

LG Announces The LG GX 5.5 Inch Smartphone

LG has just put out information on its latest handset for the Korean market, the LG GX.  On the hardware side, we’re basically looking at your standard mid-2013 specs. The LG GX has a 2.26GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a 13MP camera, 5.5-inch 1080p display and 3140mAh removable battery. Continue reading LG Announces The LG GX 5.5 Inch Smartphone