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Twitter Releases A New Transparency Report

Twitter released a new transparency report this morning, and it’s just as much about what the company can’t disclose as what it can. Twitter received a total of 1,410 information requests between July 1 and December 31, 2013.

What you won’t see Twitter talking about are the national security-related requests it’s received from the U.S. government, unlike a handful of tech giants did after they reached an agreement with the Department of Justice. To hear Twitter global policy manager Jeremy Kessel tell it, the nebulous numbers those companies are able to share aren’t specific enough to be meaningful.

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Facebook Hopes To Be Twitter’s ‘second screen’ Crown In Superbowl (reuters)

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – More than 100 million people will be glued to their TV screens on Sunday, when the Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks in America’s premier sporting contest, the Super Bowl.

But two fierce rivals, Facebook Inc and Twitter Inc, will also be clashing head-to-head on a “second screen” that TV viewers will tune in for the big game.

The two social networks are jostling to be the venue of choice for fans to comment on big plays, the star-studded halftime show and of course the commercials – multimillion dollar productions by major brands that are often a draw in their own right.

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Twitter App For Android Updated With New Features

Twitter Mobile Update Bubbles Trending Events To The Top Of The Timeline, Adds Photo twitter-android-update Twitter has just released an update to its Android client (coming soon to iOS) that brings new photo editing tools to the service, which are likely meant to make it easier to share photos direct and keep people out of competitive apps like Instagram. The second change adds a significant element of event discovery and real-time trend monitoring to user timelines.

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Yahoo Apologizes For Official Twitter Comments Made During Gmail Outage

Yahoo has officially apologized to Google about comments made during Google’s Gmail outage yesterday. Yahoo called “a tweet that reflected bad judgment” about its rival’s email service outage.

The tweet, which has since been deleted, simply noted: “Gmail is temporarily unavailable” and included a screen shot to prove it.

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Official Microsoft Twitter Accounts Hacked

Today, Microsoft’s official blog and the @XBoxSupport and @MSFTnews Twitter accounts were hacked, the latter sending out anti-Microsoft messages which have since been deleted. The Syrian Electronic Army is taking credit for the attack, but Microsoft says the situation is under control and no customer data was compromised.

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Biz Stone Talks About ‘Jelly’ A Social Startup (video)

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has finally pulled back the curtain on his secretive startup, Jelly. In a blog post, he described it as a service that works with people’s existing social networks and is designed to search the “group mind” to better help what goes around, comes around — basically to enable you to pay it forward.

Jelly uses photos and people from your social networks to get you answers. Stone hypothesizes that you might be out and take a photo of a bird and wonder what it is. Through Jelly, it will pull knowledge from your friends and their friends to help you decipher what kind of bird it is. It’s aimed at helping to create a more “empathetic” world.

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Carbon For Twitter App Receives Big Update

Carbon for Twitter is one of the last great non-official Twitter apps and today it got a huge update with a shiny new redesign.

The update brings a shiny new interface as well as a host of new features. The app now includes a Do Not disturb mode, the ability to tap images in the timeline, and Vine videos now loop and play in full screen mode. The update is rolling out to the Play Store now.

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Jack Dorsey at Startup School 2013 (video)

Startup School is a one-day event where budding entrepreneurs attend to learn what starting a company is like from some of the tech industry’s best.

Reading from Robert Henri’s “The Art Spirit“, Dorsey made comparisons about what’s in the story with how it relates to startups. He said that entrepreneurs should build what they want and with purpose.

Additionally, he makes reference to Bill Walsh’s “The Score Takes Care of Itself” and put an emphasis on leadership. Dorsey thinks that if you’re not establishing best practices in your growing company, you are losing out. He says that you shouldn’t let yourself building someone else’s road map — focus on your own.

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Twitter Promoted Ads In Your Timeline

If you’re a regular Twitter user, by now you’re probably used to seeing “promoted tweets”—paid tweets from accounts you don’t follow—pop up in your timeline. Today, Twitter announced that you’ll start seeing “promoted accounts” start showing up there, too.

Promoted accounts are basically ads that prompt users to follow accounts for businesses or brands, and that make it easy by including a “follow” button directly in the post. Until today, Twitter only displayed promoted-account ads in the left-hand column of the Twitter website and in the “Discover” tab on mobile. Twitter’s latest update will put the promoted accounts directly in the main timeline on your mobile device.

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