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Nokia Reveals A Mystery Windows Phone Teaser (video)

Nokia has unveiled a rather mysterious Windows Phone teaser today. In a YouTube video, the company simply asks, “Have you heard what’s coming?” After some car revving the 15-second video goes on: “See and hear what you’ve been missing,” before it fades out to Nokia and Windows Phone logos. Nothing else is teased, and it’s not immediately clear what Nokia is planning to announce. However, Nokia has posted this particular teaser to its US YouTube account, suggesting this isn’t a worldwide announcement.

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AT&T Takes The Top Rank At J.D. Power

After four years at the top, Verizon was forced to relinquish its title to AT&T as the leader in wireless customer service last August. Six months later, J.D. Power has announced that AT&T will retain the top spot in customer care, outscoring every other carrier for the second time in a row. Based on the rankings, both Verizon and T-Mobile were within 15 points on a 1,000 point scale, but it wasn’t enough to take the crown back from AT&T. Outside of the full-service providers, MetroPCS also remained at the top, beating out Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile.

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Verizon To Show Off LTE-Broadcast During The Super Bowl

Live streaming feeds of the Super Bowl broadcast are banned inside the stadium to prevent the cell networks in the area from getting swamped. But soon, this might not be necessary. Verizon’s LTE-Broadcast allows streaming video to be multicast rather than unicast as they are today. This means that every viewer of a streamed video currently requires a separate channel on the network. Two viewers, even if they are watching the same program,would require two channels. You could see how, in a stadium filled with 80,000 people, a network could easily be swamped.

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Verizon LTE Now Available In 35 NYC Subway Stations

Many commuters around the world take underground connectivity for granted at this point, but New Yorkers are still disconnected more often than not while riding the subway, or even just waiting for a train. Now, thanks to Transit Wireless, Verizon customers can surf the web via LTE in 35 Manhattan subway stations.

Platforms for select trains are now online, with most of the participating stations located on the city’s west side, including Times Square and Columbus Circle. Service is notably absent at Penn Station and Grand Central, though that latter hub is slated to get LTE soon, when 40 additional stations come online as part of the next installation phase.

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HP Chromebook 11 Now Sold With Verizon 4G LTE On Board

HP’s Chromebook 11 is one of the better Chrome OS devices on the market, but it hasn’t had a cellular version to please those who want always-on data.

Best Buy has quietly started selling a model with Verizon LTE. The 4G link boosts the ARM-powered laptop’s price to $279 without otherwise changing the specs.

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T-Mobile Purchases New Spectrum From Verizon

If you’re a T-Mobile customer, 2014 could be a great year for you.

The nation’s fourth-largest wireless carrier just sealed a deal with Verizon to acquire billions of dollars’ worth of invisible real estate. The airwaves T-Mobile just snapped up puts the company in a much stronger position to upgrade its network and data services. Who’s going to be affected? The map below makes it clear: Continue reading T-Mobile Purchases New Spectrum From Verizon

Verizon And AT&T Make Important 4G LTE Announcements

Verizon’s capacity problems with LTE in NYC are almost at an end, claimed CEO Lowell McAdam during an investor conference last week. Describing the issues as “a short-term blip,” he said the company was “now back to where we want to be.”

Verizon identified 49 cell sites in the New York area where capacity was insufficient, and said that all but seven of them had been strengthened.

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Moto X Interactive Print Advertisement (video)

Motorola is taking its increasingly-clever advertising into the print world. A new magazine ad for the Moto X will run in the January edition of Wired that goes a step above other plain-old printed paper advertisements. 150,000 issues distributed across New York and Chicago will contain a completely interactive Moto Maker experience, with touch points that change the color of a Moto X displayed prominently on the page.

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Verizon To Publish Transparentcy Report

Today, Verizon announced it will begin publishing a semiannual transparency report, detailing all the law enforcement requests it has received in that period. The reports follow a path set by Google, Twitter, Facebook, and other tech companies, detailing the total number of requests broken down into subpoenas, court orders and warranted requests. At the same time, it faces many of the same limitations as other transparency reports, which are currently legally prohibited from detailing requests from National Security Letters or FISA warrants, the favored legal tools of the NSA and Department of Homeland Security.

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Verizon Announces KitKat For Droid Family Phones

Verizon has taken to Twitter to announce that the Droid Ultra, Droid MAXX and Droid Mini will start receiving their over-the-air updates to Android 4.4 KitKat from today. The update is rolling out “in phases” according to the Verizon.

In addition to the new Android OS features, today’s Droid update includes a new version of the Droid Zap sharing utility with a revamped interface.

Source: @VZWNews