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The Mystery Google Barge Arrives At A New Port (video)

The mysterious Google barge seen floating in the San Francisco Bay has docked in a city sometimes hailed as the “asparagus capital of the world,” making its new home in Stockton, Calif.

“It’s been a busy six months for our barge and it’s grown tired of all the attention,” a Google spokeswoman said “So we are moving it to Stockton where it can have a break, enjoy the city’s delicious asparagus and warmer climate, and get a bit of rest before its next chapter.”

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Nokia Reveals A Mystery Windows Phone Teaser (video)

Nokia has unveiled a rather mysterious Windows Phone teaser today. In a YouTube video, the company simply asks, “Have you heard what’s coming?” After some car revving the 15-second video goes on: “See and hear what you’ve been missing,” before it fades out to Nokia and Windows Phone logos. Nothing else is teased, and it’s not immediately clear what Nokia is planning to announce. However, Nokia has posted this particular teaser to its US YouTube account, suggesting this isn’t a worldwide announcement.

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Apple Celebrates Mac 30th Anniversary With A iPhone Video

Apple has released a new video celebrating the 30th anniversary of Mac. Apple says the video below was shot entirely with iPhones over the course of a single day. 15 camera crews were sent out across the world on January 24th with the goal of documenting “people doing amazing things with Apple products.”Apple captured over 70 hours of footage during the various shoots.

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Netflix Gearing Up Overhaul Of Pricing Structure

Netflix is gearing up to overhaul it pricing structure. According to a shareholder letter and interviews with Gigaom, the streaming site will introduce a new three-tiered system for its customers.

Writing in a fourth-quarter letter to its shareholders on Wednesday, CEO Reed Hastings and CFO David Wells explained:

“Last April we introduced a 4-concurrent stream $11.99 option to begin our evaluation of plan tiering. Since late last year, we have also been testing 1-stream and 3-stream variants, as well as SD/HD variations, at various price points. Eventually, we hope to be able to offer new members a selection of three simple options to fit everyone’s taste.”

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Official Call of Duty®: Ghosts Extinction: Episode 1 Nightfall Trailer (video)

At a remote facility in the Alaskan wilderness, the shadowy Nightfall Program has been researching the origins of the “Alien” threat. When the scientists lose control, a small team of elite soldiers must retrieve the intel, exterminate hordes of hostile creatures, and survive a three-story tall terror unlike anything they’ve faced before. Get ready for Episode 1: Nightfall, the first installment in Extinction’s four-part episodic narrative!

Episode 1: Nightfall is included with Onslaught, the first DLC pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Onslaught comes to Xbox LIVE on January 28th, with other platforms to follow.

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Google Launches A Video Quality Report For YouTube

Google has launched a Video Quality Report that has a tool that tells surfers how well their providers typically handle YouTube in a given region, breaking reliability down by the feed quality and time of day. Services that properly load at least 90 percent of 720p videos get a “YouTube HD Verified” badge.

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Sony’s Announces A New Cloud-based TV-streaming Service

SCEA President Andrew House just announced Sony’s launching its long-rumored IPTV service, as a cloud-based offering with both live TV and video on-demand that personalizes itself for the viewer. According to House, it will be able to pause and resume viewing across multiple screens, including on Sony’s connected devices like the PS4, and third-party hardware including the iPad.

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Moto X Interactive Print Advertisement (video)

Motorola is taking its increasingly-clever advertising into the print world. A new magazine ad for the Moto X will run in the January edition of Wired that goes a step above other plain-old printed paper advertisements. 150,000 issues distributed across New York and Chicago will contain a completely interactive Moto Maker experience, with touch points that change the color of a Moto X displayed prominently on the page.

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YouTube Expands Live Streaming To All Channels

YouTube today announced it is expanding its live streaming service to all YouTube channels. The Google-owned company now only has two requirements: your account must be verified and it has to be in good standing. If you have both, but don’t see the feature yet, don’t worry as it’s rolling out ‘over the next few weeks.’ YouTube Live was previously only available to a small number of individuals and YouTube partners whom Google deemed worthy to test it out. The video site then opened up the feature to channels with at least 1,000 subscribers, and then at least 100 subscribers. Now it’s available to all.

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