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Xbox One Software Update Rolling Out Now

Microsoft says that its next Xbox One update has started rolling out yesterday, less than a week before the launch of Titanfall. The update, detailed in February, will fix problems with joining and chatting with parties of your friends, prepare the console for the release of the Xbox One stereo headset and media remote, and add support for Twitch live streaming ahead of the service’s launch on the console.

The update retools the console’s UI, moving the user’s friends list to the front and center of the Xbox One’s friends homepage, and adds a list of recent players so users can send friend requests to amiable teammates. Players who set up parties with those friends will now have chat audio turned on by default, and will now be able to chat with people in the same party even when members of the group are playing different games. The update also introduces an “invite friends to game” option that will allow a user to join their friend’s multiplayer game with less hassle.

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Twitch Live Broadcasting Coming To Xbox One

Twitch gameplay streaming is coming to Xbox One on March 11, Twitch and Microsoft announced today. The feature will be patched in to Microsoft’s console for the North American release of Titanfall. Twitch adds the ability to live stream games, join games with broadcasters, use voice commands to create your own game broadcasts, archive game clips, and later watch those clips on any device.

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Xbox One Spring Software Update Is Live

Microsoft’s spring update for the Xbox One is now live. The first update for the console packs a host of improvements, including better Kinect voice recognition, improved all-round stability, and some key fixes to the dashboard — such as onscreen meters for the controller’s battery and free HDD space . You’ll also be able to plug a USB keyboard in, which should make web browsing and searching a whole lot less painful.

The update is rolling out to customers during “off-peak” hours in their local time zones. If you’re taking advantage of Xbox’s Instant On feature, the console will check for an update next time you turn it off.

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First Major Software Update For Xbox One Due February 11

The first major update for Microsoft’s flagship games console will arrive on February 11, with a second update specifically scheduled to arrive ahead of Titanfall’s release due to arrive on March 4.

The first will introduce the ability to see and manage the storage space on the device, as well as placing a battery life indicator (for connected controllers) directly on the home screen. It also adds the ability to use a USB keyboard with an Xbox One too, as well as fixing some stability issues and introducing other new but as-yet undisclosed features, the company said.

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Xbox One Firmware Update Set For March Including More Details

The Xbox One will receive its first major dashboard in March addressing numerous issues with the Xbox Live service along with other unspecified system fixes. The update will introduce fixes for Party-chat problems as well as improving the usability and visibility of Xbox Live’s social features.

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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Ignites Next Gen Video Console Framerate Debate

The announcement of  ‘Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition’ has ignited a next-gen gaming consoles debate over framerate differences. While the PlayStation 4 version of the game has been confirmed to run at 60 frames per second, the Xbox One version’s framerate is, as of writing, unconfirmed.

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Xbox One Went Thru Many Prototypes For Final Design

Microsoft designer Carl Ledbetter has revealed that the game console went through many 3D-printed incarnations before the company settled on a final product; there were 75 system prototypes, 100 for the Kinect and 200 for the gamepad.

The development team spent a long time finding a balance between familiar Xbox design cues and the desire for an always-on media hub, Ledbetter says. Whether or not you think Microsoft achieved its goal, it’s clear that the Xbox One’s current look was never guaranteed.

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GoPro Channel Launching On Xbox 360 and One

GoPro will launch an extreme sports channel on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The app will make its debut on Xbox 360 before Xbox One, a representative told Engadget at CES today, though there is no established timeframe for the app’s launch on either platform.

GoPro high-definition cameras are a favorite for adrenaline seekers. They are categorized as being lightweight and rugged, and are easily mounted to vehicles or worn by individuals.

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