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NFL Championship Game Jump (video)

The Denver Broncos’ Thunderstorm parachute team jumps out of a perfectly good airplane and onto Sports Authority Field at Mile High before each Broncos home game. The group’s jump at Sunday’s AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots gave fans a chance to see what the airborne entertainment is like from a unique perspective. The team shared a video taken with a helmet camera, and it’s nothing short of spectacular.

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Google Launches A Video Quality Report For YouTube

Google has launched a Video Quality Report that has a tool that tells surfers how well their providers typically handle YouTube in a given region, breaking reliability down by the feed quality and time of day. Services that properly load at least 90 percent of 720p videos get a “YouTube HD Verified” badge.

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Skydivers Share Their View From Above (video)

Sony sent a team of highly skilled skydivers about 15,000 feet in the air and filmed them in slow-motion as they plummeted toward the ground. The choreography was all carefully rehearsed beforehand, allowing the filmmakers to shoot the entirety of the minute-long spot in just nine takes.

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Mark Zuckerberg at Startup School 2013 (video)

Startup School is a one-day event where budding entrepreneurs attend to learn what starting a company is like from some of the tech industry’s best.

Listen to Mark Zuckerberg in conversation and you’ll hear a narrow range of conversational topics. People discuss his young age, wealth, Facebook’s early days, or his clothing choices. But what gets lost is his entrepreneurial abilities. Zuckerberg is a great CEO. He successfully made the transition from startup CEO to corporate CEO.

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Official YouTube App Comes To The Roku 3

The Roku 3 now has the YouTube video as a brand-new channel. In addition to streaming standalone vids and subscriptions, users also get the decidedly Chromecast ability to fling YouTube videos to their TVs from their mobile devices.

Tthe lack of an official YouTube channel had always been a sticking point for the Roku—particularly when Google’s Chromecast  offered it at launch.

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Netflix Update For Android Now Supports Individual Profiles and Better Search

Netflix has rolled out support for multiple individual streaming profiles within a single account using its Android app. The new version 3.1.0  allows filtering queues and suggestions from others using the same account

The profile switcher is accessible after selecting the current profile under the slide-out menu from the left. According to the changelog this new version also brings an enhanced search, with support for people and related titles. The latest version of the app should be available on Google Play now. Continue reading


YouTube Expands Live Streaming To All Channels

YouTube today announced it is expanding its live streaming service to all YouTube channels. The Google-owned company now only has two requirements: your account must be verified and it has to be in good standing. If you have both, but don’t see the feature yet, don’t worry as it’s rolling out ‘over the next few weeks.’ YouTube Live was previously only available to a small number of individuals and YouTube partners whom Google deemed worthy to test it out. The video site then opened up the feature to channels with at least 1,000 subscribers, and then at least 100 subscribers. Now it’s available to all.

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